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Stop letting drugs or other mental health issues control your life, thanks to treatments from our mental health center in Silverdale, Washington. Pathways For Recovery is a mental health center that helps people develop coping mechanisms and tools to work their way out of issues with substance abuse, domestic violence, and anger issues. Contact us at (360) 516-6592 for more information about how we can best treat you.

Break Away from Drugs & Alcohol
Pathways For Recovery provides complete alcohol and drug treatment services to help you learn how to live your life without these debilitating substances. With more than 14 years of experience, our counselors are able to provide you with an individualized assessment and treatment plan that will help you get clean and learn how to stay clean. With our alcohol and drug treatment services, you'll be able to stay sober for life.

You Deserve a Happier Life
Pathways For Recovery helps people who are suffering from domestic violence or anger issues at our mental health center. We have individualized programs for our anger management programs and gender-specific groups for our domestic violence classes. These classes usually run an hour and a half long, but can run longer or shorter depending on your specific needs.

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Women, Mental Health Center in Silverdale, WA

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National Association of Addiction Counselors™
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Pathways For Recovery is State certified to provide Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence treatment in Washington State.